Cocoa Farming

While we do not work directly with the cocoa farmers, we are committed to only purchase cocoa products through companies that are pledged to sustainable cocoa farming. When you purchase a Charis chocolate product, it is UTZ Certified.  This means that you, not only help the homeless, needy and addicted in America through City Rescue Mission services, but you are also directly contributing to a farmer, a family, and a community overseas where the chocolate is grown. This has a meaningful effect on the global cocoa market.

Our chocolate supplier is committed to collaborating with farmer organizations and cocoa-origin country governments to make farmers successful for generations to come.  Their ambition enables cocoa farmers and their communities to achieve better incomes and living standards, and to deliver a sustainable supply of cocoa and chocolate products - from tree crop to end-product.

Cocoa communities are also supported through basic education, basic health care, nutritional guidance, and business training programs. Children are able to attend school, and their communities receive extensive education in children's rights, child labor issues, education, health care, and social services for children to ensure the children have bright futures.

The growers ensure their chocolate is globally accepted and surpasses all quality tests.  In doing so, they ensure it contains all the legal components as real quality chocolate.