Health Benefits of Chocolate

While we are not doctors, and cannot guarantee these health benefits, numerous studies have been conducted over recent years which have found many health benefits from chocolate, especially dark chocolate.  We encourage you to conduct your own research and draw your own conclusions. We want you to have the best possible tasting experience.

Heart and blood pressure: Blood vessel function is said to improve from a fermentation process which occurs in your gut after eating chocolate.

Chocolate contains flavanols which are believed to benefit heart health by reducing blood pressure and improving blood flow to the heart. Dark Chocolate diets have been found to help prevent blood clots.

Chocolate is a steady heart stimulant and ensures that the blood vessels do not constrict.

Chocolate contains Theobromine, which increases urine production and removes harmful elements from the human body. It is said to also give a boost to the nervous system.

Chocolate contains Anandamide which has been found to help patients fight against anxiety and stress.